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For all you programmers!

2010-01-20 19:52:19 by CreativeCoding

In case you use dreamincode (dic, lol, sounds like "dick"), you have probably heard about the 52 weeks of programming! But if you haven't here's what it is:

The Dream.In.Code "52 Weeks Of Code" Challenge

Welcome to the Dream.In.Code "52 Weeks of Code" Challenge! For the next 52 weeks we will challenge you, and you will challenge yourself, to become a better programmer. The goal is to broaden your knowledge and understanding of various languages, programming concepts, and techniques. This is not a competition between members. There are no winners or losers. It is simply meant to expose you to new languages, new concepts, and bleeding edge technologies and help you learn.

Each Monday we'll post a new challenge in the "52 Weeks of Code" forum. The challenges will be fairly open ended and encourage you to explore and create something unique. For example, our first challenge will be "Create something using the jQuery 'Effects' API". To complete the challenge you could make something very basic just to see how the language works using the tutorials and resources we provide, or you could go all out and create an awesome new web application based around jQuery. Whatever you feel comfortable with, but we want you to at least attempt the challenge and explore the language and techniques.

When you complete a challenge, you will reply to the original thread for that challenge with a link/.zip/screen shot/code and share it with us so we can all see what everyone did. If you need help during the challenge, we will have an official discussion thread in the appropriate language forum for that weeks challenge.

Submit Your Own Challenge!
The D.I.C team will kick off the first couple weeks, but we want our mentors, experts, authors, and contributors to create their own challenges which we'll showcase. There will be a thread for you to submit your challenges with information on the proper format and ideas for how best to format your challenge to make it successful!

We're all very excited to share our own favorite languages and knowledge with you but we're even more excited to see what you come up with during these challenges. We'd love to see a great new idea start as a challenge and end up as a multi-million dollar startup some day! All it takes is a great idea and a little ingenuity!


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