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So it's entry number 4 eh?

2010-01-10 01:39:19 by CreativeCoding

So evilPumkinMan (i think thats his name) motivated me to write more with these post. How did he do so? By leaving a comment. What did it say? lol... Thats what it said...

So if you haven't checked yet, i have some new art. I have to say i have been getting better and better. I used to suck dog shit, and now i suck cat shit (dog shit is bigger than a cats)!

Of course i have been using my wacom bamboo that i got for x-max very much.


my gamertag for xbox live is: creativecoding

so add me.



if you are still reading this, than get up, turn on your xbox (screw ps3 owners), and add me to your friends...

Im serious.....

I only have like, two friends on live.....

my bro

and my bro's friend....



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